Before testing our wines, follow us in a short journey to know our ``philosophy``: a tour of the vineyards where our grapes are born, in the cellar where we will illustrate the production stages of our wines, and finally a look at our oil mill.

We consider this fundamental step, in order to prepare you in the best way for the guided tasting of our products that will be made in our reception area. Here, in full relax, you can also enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscape, with the beautiful Cortona that from the top of the hill will be watching you.

Guided Tasting

  • P2
    2 wines: CHAGRE 'and MARIUS, accompanied by crackers or bread sticks
  • P3 (by reservation only)
    3 wines: CHAGRE', MARIUS and CRANO, accompanied by bruschetta topped with our oil POGGIOBARULLO.
  • P4(by reservation only)
    4 wines: CHAGRE', PIET ROSE’, MARIUS and CRANO accompanied by bruschetta topped with our oil POGGIOBARULLO, from local specialties (cheese, ham, salami and capocollo )and Panzanella
  • P5 (by reservation only)
    5 wines: CHAGRE', PIET ROSE’, MARIUS, CRANO and LEOPOLDO accompanied by bruschetta topped with our oil POGGIOBARULLO,from local specialties(cheese, ham,salami and capocollo),pasta with Chianina ragù and homemade cake

Gastronomic specialties

Also on reservation for groups, you can also organize customized tastings paired with gastronomic specialties of the area: pici, Ribollita, grilled meat, etc. Inside space is also the 'company wine shop where they can be purchased our wines, our oil, some specialties and our gadgets. Tour guide and wine tasting: 1 hour.

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