The family history

The name BALDETTI is strongly linked to Tuscany and in particular to the territory of Cortona and the love for the land, handed down from generation to generation, has always been a firm point for the family.

Viticulture, which in the company already covered an important activity, starting from the late 60s had a strong impulse when Mario Baldetti, father of the current tenant, carried out the total renovation of the existing vineyards. Vinification took place in the company cellar which was equipped with modern technology (for the time). The wine produced was then sold to merchants until, in the early 70s, the ``Bianco Vergine della Valdichiana`` DOC was born, which also marked the beginning of the production of bottled wine.

Since 2000, in conjunction with the birth of the new DOC CORTONA, the company has renewed the vineyards in compliance with the most up-to-date wine-growing technique, focusing above all on Syrah which over the years would have become the reference grape for all the producers in the area.

2012 marked a fundamental year for the family, in fact the works for the creation of the new winery were completed, also in Località Pietraia, strongly desired by Alfonso Baldetti and his two sons Daniele and Gian Luca, who in the meantime joined the 'Company thus creating the conditions for a rosy future full of satisfactions.

The wines that are produced all have the same importance given the commitment and love that are put into each single grape, however it is normal that if we talk about Cortona, Syrah immediately comes to mind and it is precisely Cortona Doc Syrah ``Crano ”The company's flagship wine.

Our Philosophy

Just two words: quality and passion.
QUALITY refers to the all production chain: it starts from the vineyards, where there is an uncompromisingly steady work, to the wine cellar, where knowledge and technology enable our wines to maintain and enhance all the features of the grapes.
Quality means ambition, care, reliability, expertise, coordination, creativity… more and more…


PASSION: that’s the “magic” power that changes the daily strong work to something charming and exciting, the key elements of great results.

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The Territory

The village of Pietraia rises at an altitude of approx. 300 meters above sea level, resting on a layer of sandstone (like all the Apennines mountains) generated from the MESOZOIC ERA (ca. 150 million years ago) up to the LOWER PLEISTOCENE (ca. 2,5 million years ago), when the stratification of the fluvio-lacustrine sediments (clay, sand and silt) that make up the current agricultural land around the town itself was completed.

The vineyards that arise in this area are privileged as the underlying stone guarantees an optimal hydro-thermal balance and, together with other factors such as the proximity of the hills and Lake Trasimeno, they guarantee a very unique micro-climate.

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The love for the land, passed down from generation to generation